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DJ Equipment We Currently have six complete D.J. systems. Our sound systems have over 1000 watts of power (but the volume is always up to you) and we only use quality commercial sound equipment (speakers, amps, mixers, etc.) not pieces of a home stereo put together to look like a D.J. Systems. All of our systems are identical and have a very nice, clean appearance with no wiring or extension cords showing, and each system is encased with a nicely carpeted D.J. Booth. We have cordless microphones in each unit for extra convenience (it's great for the first toast, for example, so the best man can do the toast from the bridal party table instead of the D.J. Booth). And our company never charges extra for this convenience.
Disc Jockeys All of Our D.J.'s are well trained for any event, but especially wedding receptions. We've personally trained each D.J. With the knowledge and commitment to make your event a success. Our D.J.'s will act as wedding reception coordinators as well as D.J.'s We'll take care of running all the reception events for you (introductions, buffet, toast, cake cutting, garter and bouquet tosses, first slow dance procession, money dance, and any other special events or announcements like birthdays, or anniversaries that you wish to have announced. We work very well with the caterer, photographer, videographer, and other professionals to ensure your reception runs smoothly. Our D.J.'s are all outgoing, crowd motivating, tuxedoed, well groomed professionals.
Music Selection Our D.J. Company carries a wider variety of music on compact disc than any other D.J., Providing the best sound quality of any format. We carry 1000's of titles to every event, and we let you and your guests pick the music to be played. All of our D.J.'s are request-oriented, but they are also well trained to feel out a crowd and help select the music that will get your guests up and dancing. Our categories of CD's include: Top 40, Dance, Rock, Classic Rock, Progressive, Country, Oldies, Big Band, Jazz, Ethnic, and Special Occasion Music, and lots more. We carry enough music to every event to play nonstop for weeks without ever repeating a song!
Lighting We Carry a great light show with each unit. We have colored lights that chase with the music, mirrored balls, strobe lights, special effect lights, fog machines, and bubble machines. Our company provides lighting at no extra charge.